Meet Flora the ‘dog doctor’

Six-year-old Flora is already a multi-award winner at Crufts — but for her owner, Robert Stuhldreer, 57, she’s also, quite simply, a lifesaver. For 12 years Robert had suffered from blackouts that his doctors couldn’t explain even though they put his life at risk. But within weeks of Robert acquiring Flora — an Akita, a large breed native to Japan — as a puppy, that all changed.

Fang-tastic Romania

Share The wind whistled through the trees and an early evening mist rose over the rolling hills. It was
a sunny day, but an icy fear gripped me as a name popped into my head, one that filled me with dread: Count Dracula. Then my husband, Cornel, burst out laughing. “It’s only a legend,” he said. “Calm down. He’s not real!” We were hiking in the beautiful forests of Faget just outside the
city of Cluj-Napoca, or simply Cluj, Transylvania, in Romania. Cluj is
my husband’s home city. In fact, it’s the second-largest city in Romania after the capital Bucharest. It is also the unofficial capital of Transylvania. And for good reason.

Venice with kids

Standing in the middle of the Piazza San Marco, I gazed up at the towering campanile as its bells marked the hour. Awestruck, I turned to take in the breathtaking, mosaic-covered basilica. As pigeons darted to and fro around my feet, love songs from the world-famous Caffè Florian filled the balmy evening air and I felt as if 
I were standing in a film set. Venice. Surely the most romantic city on Earth? But then I felt a little hand tugging at my skirt. “Mummy…can we go now?” asked my three-year-old son, Alex.

I can’t stop eating in my sleep

Laura Bataceli is a slim size ten, but believes she would be several dress sizes larger and many stones heavier if it were not for her partner, Daniel, putting a lock on the kitchen door. She asked him to fit the lock because she suffers from night eating syndrome — an irresistible urge to eat in the middle of the night. Sometimes, she wakes up craving food; at others, she eats while she’s still asleep.

Going vegan made my hair fall out

Musician Jessica Drue began giving up eggs and dairy within weeks of her daughter Kayla-Ria being born in October 2013. ‘Kayla was born severely allergic to milk and eggs,’ says Jessica. ‘It was so bad that I had to stop consuming dairy, as it passed into my breast milk and made her very ill.’ Jessica, 24, who lives in North London, decided to remove all trace of dairy from her home.